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2015 Speakers and Performers Abby and Sarah, Thomas Sanders, Shane Feldman, Hunter March, Cimorelli, Jessie Funk, Kevin Breel, Ryan Porter, Yahya Bakkar, Wali Shah, Holly Painter, Michael Champagne, The Treble, Sunjay Nath, David Edward Garcia, Josh Shipp, Cody Simpson, Alli Simpson, Megan Nicole, Melinda Shankar, Michael Seater, Shane Feldman, Cody Simpson, Foster Dawg, Ashley Leggat, Will Lourcey

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On Tuesday April 14th, during National Volunteer Week in North America, the Count Me In Global Broadcast will impact millions of young people around the world, with audiences from more than 70 countries expected to tune in.

Count Me In Speakers and Performers: Luke Bilyk, Ashley Leggat, Alli Simpson, Melinda Shankar, Maddie Cranston, Carlos Guevara, Josh Shipp, Suzie McNeil, Drew Dudley, Annelise Forbes, A’ric Jackson, The Treble, Blake Fly, Leo Barbe, Michael Champagne, Justin Boudreau, Sid Wilson, Shane Feldman, Mark Black, Count Me In Toronto Talent

Wali Shah
Holly Painter
Michael Champagne
David Edward Garcia
Ryan Porter
Yahya Bakkar
Kevin Breel
Jessie Funk
The Treble
Sunjay Nath
Hunter March
Shane Feldman
Melinda Shankar

Discovered by Ellen DeGeneres, Abby and Sarah are talented

10 year old twins who have a passion for making music.

Best known as Alli Bhandari from the Emmy Award Winning TV series Degrassi, Melinda is an outspoken advocate for youth empowerment.

As founder & CEO of Count Me In, Shane has impacted millions of youth across the globe and been named to the Top 20 Under 20 list.

A multi-talented Producer, Writer and Media Personality, Hunter’s YouTube channel has attracted over 4 million views to date.

Comprised of 6 sisters, Cimorelli is a musical group that rose to fame through their YouTube Channel, which now has 750+ million views.

Author, singer & founder of Ivy Girl Academy, Jessie has walked away from 3 record deals so she can focus on using her voice to inspire youth.

From jail time to stage time, Wali has turned his life around. He uses rap to give back and has performed alongside Billy Talent and Kendrick Lamar.

A three-time Grand Slam Champion and Director of the London Poetry Slam, Holly advocates for a variety of causes through her poetry.

An acclaimed author, youth activist, speaker, and aboriginal luminary, Michael Redhead Champagne was named a Manitoba Hero in 2013.

Considered an “at-risk” student himself, David is now one of the top youth speakers in North America, known for his comedic approach.

As a speaker, author & the co-founder of Raise Your Flag, Ryan helps teens answer the question “what should I do with my life?”

Performing on stage since he was 8 years old, Yahya is now a highly sought after speaker and author of “The Ultimate Guide to Teen Life”.

The stand up comic behind one of the most viral TED talks of all time, Kevin is an activist for mental health featured on CNN, MTV, and more!

The critically acclaimed band The Treble has a growing reputation for crafting impressively bold and unique pop-rock music.

A world renowned speaker, performance coach, business partner, and author of The ABCs of Student Leadership.

Touching on universal youth themes including civic engagement, mental health, volunteerism and leadership, the unique show is produced entirely by a team of youth. The Count Me In Global Broadcast launches a year-round digital mentorship program where students from across the globe are guided towards developing their own volunteer initiatives, and becoming more compassionate world citizens. The ultimate goal of the live broadcast is to motivate students to volunteer in their local communities, and become more compassionate world citizens. In 2014, the Count Me In Global Broadcast impacted over 2.2 million young people in more than 65 countries. Now we’re taking the inspiration to a whole new level!

This year’s motivational variety show will include more than 20 performances by top youth speakers, award winning musical artists, young leaders & teen icons! The show will stream live on April 14th beginning @ 9:30am ET.

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Abby & Sarah

2015 Speakers and Performers Abby and Sarah, Thomas Sanders, Shane Feldman, Hunter March, Cimorelli, Jessie Funk, Kevin Breel, Ryan Porter, Yahya Bakkar, Wali Shah, Holly Painter, Michael Champagne, The Treble, Sunjay Nath, David Edward Garcia, Josh Shipp, Cody Simpson, Alli Simpson, Megan Nicole

Cody Simpson
Megan Nicole

Award winning Australian singer/songwriter and worldwide music sensation joins the Count Me In Global Broadcast as a Presenter!

With over 590 million views on YouTube, Megan is a pop sensation taking the Entertainment Industry by storm with her debut album “Escape”.

From the award winning TV series Life With Derek, Gemini-Nominated Actress Ashley Leggat is is a dedicated Count Me In supporter.

Best known for playing Derek on the award winning TV series Life With Derek, the multitalented Michael Seater is thrilled to be part of Count Me In!



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Francesco Yates
Sheliza Kassam
Will Lourcey

Currently being mentored and produced by music industry icon Pharrell Williams, Francesco is on track to becoming a global pop star.

Sheliza is the founder of Children's Birthday Miracles, an organization that creates birthday celebrations

for marginalized children.

A former at-risk foster kid, Josh is now a Teen Expert & TV Personality named one of INC. Magazine’s 30 under 30, & featured on MTV & Comedy Central.

Will is the founder of FROGs (or “Friends Reaching Our Goals”) an organization that helps kids fight hunger in creative and fun ways.

Josh Shipp



Michael Seater
Ashley Leggat
Thomas Sanders

Thomas Sanders aka Foster Dawg is a Vine video phenomenon with 5.3 million followers. In 2014 he won the Favorite Vine Celebrity contest.


The Count Me In Global Broadcast will air online from 9:30am ET - 1:30pm ET

There will be a “lunch break” from 11:00am ET - 12:00pm ET.

Join the inspirational party online using #CountMeInLIVE

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