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Count Me In works to engage youth to counter mental health issues including depression and suicide. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association "The total number of 12-19 year olds in Canada at risk for developing depression is a staggering 3.2 million." Also "Suicide accounts for 24% of all deaths among 15-24 year olds." It has been well established that programs that support healthy children and build social connections are helpful in preventing depression and Count Me In works to engage youth and offer solutions that they relate to.

There is currently a lack of engagement between teens and their communities, as well as a physical decline in volunteer hours. Unlike anything that currently exists, Count Me In believes that the success of future generations depends on today's youth developing a deep relationship with volunteerism. In order to create this, Count Me In strives to present powerful, innovative and unique
programming that both inspires youth, and transforms the way they see themselves in connection to the world.

The new generations of youth are different than any generation before, and it is our mission to engage the current and future young people and help them find their passion by volunteering for local causes matching their interests. This simultaneously builds confidence and self esteem in youth, and empowers them to make positive choices, and be an active part of their community.

There are over 2.1 billion youth in the world. Every single one requires support and guidance. It has been documented that when people give back and volunteer in their communities, it greatly improves their happiness and mental wellbeing. Help us support youth by providing them with the tools and resources they need in order to lead healthy, active and more meaningful lives. Click the button below to request a Count Me In program in your school.

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Over 90% of the educators at Count Me In programs indicated that their students were thoroughly engaged and that the program left a lasting effect, and spread within their school and community. Educators also agreed that Count Me In was the most important co-curricular program of the school year.

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If we engage youth effectively, we can keep Canada’s voluntary sector strong. As many of Canada’s seniors retire from their volunteer careers, youth have a vital role to play in building strong communities from coast to coast. Count Me In is helping make this happen.

Citation: Volunteer Canada



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